Please Bring Soup

Book cover for Please Bring Soup

Linda Andrews’ first book comes from the well of personal experience.

In September of 2011, Linda Andrews lost her father; then, just two weeks later, her husband.

The unexpected death of a spouse is one of the most difficult life losses imaginable. During this very difficult time, she came to the realization that many people in our society have trouble responding to grief.

In Please Bring Soup To Comfort Me While I Grieve, Andrews skillfully weaves a narrative that walks readers through the subsequent days and months, when what she considered a perfect life came crashing down around her. Your heart aches for her, and the depth and chaos of grief is very real, thanks to Andrews’ courage, honesty, and vulnerability in sharing the details of what was an emotionally devastating ordeal.

While sustained by love and support from family and friends, she found that writing about the pain and loss helped, and became a channel to her own healing. More important for us—Andrews recognized that her own experience might offer support to others grieving and going through their own issues with grief and loss. That’s when the idea of writing a book about it presented itself.

There are other books about grief and the grieving process—there are few however that are this honest and personal.

Please Bring Soup To Comfort Me While I Grieve is a necessary book, one that should be shared with friends and family who are grieving; it will also help the rest of us to better acknowledge (and not ignore) the reality of the process and validate the grief associated with loss.